Infusion Therapy Services

In-House Infusion Center

We offer a more convenient, clean (non-hospital based) safe, and quick infusion experience close to your home in Saginaw, MI.

Benefits of in office therapy

  • Quality care
  • Clinical excellence
  • Onsite physician
  • Patient Convenience
  • Comfortable environment

At Our In-Office Infusion Center you can expect:

Convenience: Our practice offers easy parking and access to the office.

Comfort: Our Infusion Center has comfortable reclining chairs, personal tablets equipped with wifi and Netflix, and snacks. Our nurses are specially trained infusion nurses with years of IV experience and a physician will always be present for your infusion. You can expect to save money and time vs. the hospital infusion center.

Experienced Professionals: Dr. Rene is now offering comfortable and personalized infusion therapy services at our office partnered with OI Infusion to manage our infusion center. Our infusion suite offers high quality, comfortable infusion at affordable rates.

If you are looking for a comfortable environment to receive your therapy and would like additional information, please give us a call at 989-264-1482.

Our expert team will take excellent care of you, handling every aspect of your infusion, ensuring you the absolute best patient care and a great experience.

Referring Providers:

Here is what you can expect when you refer your patients to our infusion suite

  • We will handle the authorization; just send us the signed order
  • We will send weekly updates on the status of your patients
  • Excellent Treatment
  • Clinical in-service if needed to discuss clinical protocols or other concerns

Here is what your patients can expect when they go to our infusion suite

  • A patient concierge, walking them through the process
  • A financial assistance counselor to look at ways to minimize out of pocket costs
  • Clinical resources 5 days a week if they have questions about their medication
  • A wonderful experience and an amazing infusion nurse

Therapies we provide include:

  • Aduhelm
  • Benlysta
  • Entyvio
  • IVIG
  • Rituxan
  • Tysabri
  • Remicade
  • Actemra
  • Krystexxa
  • Stelara
  • Simponi Aria
  • Xolair
  • Ocrevus
  • Cimzia
  • Orencia
  • Inflectra
  • Soliris

Dr. Jonathan Rene

Our office is on the corner of Hemmeter Road and Louise Street. Parking is convenient! The entrance to the parking lot, is on Hemmeter Road near the welcome sign. Parking wraps around the building in the back parking lot, near the main entrance.

2172 Hemmeter Road
Saginaw, MI 48603
(989) 790-8445